Sunday, July 29, 2007

Top 5 CD-ROMs for Learning Chinese(2)

3. Rosetta Stone: Chinese Explorer
The program features native speakers and more than 800 real-life color pictures. You may choose simplified characters or traditional characters with Pinyin.

4. Instant Immersion Mandarin Chinese 2 CD-ROM Set
Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese through complete immersion. The Euro Method is an easy and simple way to learn to speak a second language. Based on the same techniques that allow a 4-year-old child to speak a language long before that same child can read or write, the Instant Immersion Mandarin Chinese CDs teach users to speak Mandarin Chinese quickly.

5. Talk Now! Cantonese
This unconventional language-learning series offers games and quizzes that make the learning process fun, relaxing, and, as such, more successful. Ideal for beginners, Talk Now!


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