Saturday, January 23, 2010

Introduction of Teacher 49 - Lin Ai Ai

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My name is ellen.
I graduated from Fujian Normal University and majored in Chinese Literature.I got the literature bachelor's degree and teacher certification of senior high school.
I learnt a lot from the teacher-training course and the teaching practice such as class teaching and family education. I had taught some children to grasp Pinyin and literacy in a short time. I had also guided the high-school students to perform a drama when they learnt an elusive classical Chinese.I also recited the poem in the class and encouraged them to do so. All of these gained a satisfying result in teaching effect. The Most unforgettable occasion is the time when I see my students get those things useful within their broad smiles.
Many people including myself believe that I am a reliable and responsible teacher who is quite fit for the Chinese teaching job and can be competent for the children Chinese,intermediate or advanced Chinese teaching.
I am a creative thinker and always try various effective teaching manners to ginger up the class,thereby enhancing the teaching quality.I would like to interact with the others and benefit from the mutual study.I even enjoy to be absorbed in reading literary outputs or play the Chinese lute.I'm a diligent man of many interests and enthusiastic about job,dream and life.
Here, I'm looking forward to tasting the charm and profundity of mandarin with you someday.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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