Sunday, July 11, 2010

Introduction of Volunteer - Volunteer No. 4202

Name: Wang Pu
Location: Beijing
Occupation: Online Gaming

Hello, everybody! I graduated from Zhengzhou University, Department of Computer Science, is founder of online games with friends, but my heart is still very much like the various nations with different customs and cultures! Very much hope that friends in different countries to exchange, learn from each other! I like basketball, table tennis, running, listening to music, reading, calligraphy, cooking, etc., I was particularly personal to the people, right time, and friends like a joke! I should be the language of love! So, prompted me to have the confidence and patience and the happy friends from different countries exchange! Friend if you want to understand China! If you want to learn Chinese! If you want to understand China five thousand years of cultural history! Choose me as your language learning partners, then I would be very honored and happy!