Thursday, May 22, 2008

Introduction of Volunteer - Volunteer No. 3217

Name: Li Yan Fei
Location: NanNing 南宁
Occupation: Chinese teacher 中文老师

Hello,i am Felisha.i am come from NanNing,a beautiful city in south of China.i have been graduated from a key normal university nearly 2 years now.i am teaching chinese in a high school.i love my teaching job,beacause i like the feelings be with my students.i can get progress at the same time when i my spare time,i like traveling,reading,lisening to the music,doing yoga and playing table tennis.and i like to learn different cultures too.communicate with friends from other countries can help us learn more about this colourful world i think. and i do willing to do my best to help you improve your chinese ability and learn more about the culture about china.anyway,that is my favaour job..: )

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Introduction of Teacher 55 - Mi Xiaojuan

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Graduated from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and obtained my pharmacology master degree on July 2005 and majored in pharmacology. Some people may ask why I choose teaching Chinese. There are three points. First of all, China is a large country which has a long history and colorful culture. And with the development of China, it plays a more and more important role in the world. As a Chinese, I love my mother country and I hope more and more foreigners can learn about China's culture and developments. Second of all, I can speak very standard Chinese mandarin without accent; I am good at pronunciation, Chinese culture and so on. Finally, I have the characteristics that a good teacher should have, such as modesty, curiousness, diligence and liveliness and I like trying new things. Besides, in my spare time, I like reading, and by doing so I can improve myself everyday, I like jogging and swimming as well, doing exercises can make me healthy and energic.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Travel in China | Learn Essential Chinese

Travel in China - Sports Chinese - Lesson One - Part 1

For Zero level - Survival Level learners (What's it)

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