Friday, April 16, 2010

Introduction of Teacher 58 - Zhang Lin

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I graduated from Tianjin university of Technology. I got the Bachelor degree of Trade and Science English. During the Feb. of 2005 to June of 2005, acted as an assistant, I was responsible for assisting the cultural and study exchanges with USA students at university. During the June of 2007 to Aug. of 2007, I helped my friend, who came from Denmark, to review the content of Business Chinese he studied, practice dialogue and answer his question which he met.
From these teaching experiences, I think that I am good at teaching pronunciation and reviewing spoken Chinese, reading Chinese and listening Chinese. So I think that the students with junior and middle Chinese level will like my lessons more.
I like art, such as singing, dancing; reading. I like to make friends and to help them. I enjoy sharing news, information and knowledge with them. If anyone asked me any questions, or needed my help, I was sure that I would try my best to help them till they got it. I was glad to help the newer in my last two jobs, because I hoped that everyone could be fit for the job here. I am good at thinking and reaching new ways and the answer of any problem. I like studying what I don’t know and what I should know.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Introduction of Volunteer - Volunteer No. 4158

Name: Zhang hong mei
Location: Beijing
Occupation: Teacher

I am teaching Chinese in one of the primary schools in Beijing.But I have also been teaching foreigners Chinese in my sparetime for two years. I hope my students can make progress in Chinese learning with my help.

Introduction of Volunteer - Volunteer No. 4174

Name: Guisong Huang
Location: Nanning
Occupation: Teacher

Hello! I have been teaching English as a foreign language in a middle school for about 17 years. It's been fun and wonderful for me to be improving with the students through lively classroom teaching. I love it. This occupation helps me develop an international perspective. Now I'd love to communicate with friends who love Chinese culture and would like to learn Mandarin to enjoy the beautiful exchanging and learning.

Introduction of Teacher 33 - Fu Li

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I graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University. I am in China. When I graduated, I worked as a foreign trade clerk in Import-export-company. My job is to send the email to overseas for inquiry. Then, business negotiations, and conclusion of business. I work hard and get along with my customers who are in other countries. I used to teach children English. I think that I could teach children Chinese, beginner, intermediate level students and Business Chinese. I have a broad range of interests. I like reading the love story, prose, and financial books. And listening, swimming, traveling. My favorite happiness is drawing. I started to learn drawing when I was a little girl. And I could use a lot of beautiful color to decoration it. That time, I joined many competitions. And I also got many prize. I love drawing very much.

Introduction of Teacher 36 - Wang Shu

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My name is Wang Shu and my English name is Sue ,almost the same pronunciation as my Chinese name. The advantage I think I am suitable for Chinese Teacher is my rich and special experience; also I am an excellent Chinese speaker with a solid base well knowing how to speak and use Chinese. That is only one hand, on another hand, I am a girl prefer to get along with both friends and strangers, always I could get a lot fun and information from our communication, thus, I value every chance when I talk to anyone, also, I really want to take this opportunity, teaching with my favorite languages, helping the foreigners who have interest in my mother tongue study. I believe I know how to make the study more efficient, and I am a nice and humorous person, through my work, I could make it more funny and interesting. Especially, I think I am good at teaching people who want to know how to use Chinese following the current trend, however kids and young people all I am favor in.