Saturday, April 3, 2010

Introduction of Teacher 36 - Wang Shu

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My name is Wang Shu and my English name is Sue ,almost the same pronunciation as my Chinese name. The advantage I think I am suitable for Chinese Teacher is my rich and special experience; also I am an excellent Chinese speaker with a solid base well knowing how to speak and use Chinese. That is only one hand, on another hand, I am a girl prefer to get along with both friends and strangers, always I could get a lot fun and information from our communication, thus, I value every chance when I talk to anyone, also, I really want to take this opportunity, teaching with my favorite languages, helping the foreigners who have interest in my mother tongue study. I believe I know how to make the study more efficient, and I am a nice and humorous person, through my work, I could make it more funny and interesting. Especially, I think I am good at teaching people who want to know how to use Chinese following the current trend, however kids and young people all I am favor in.

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