Friday, April 25, 2008

Chinese Movie - The Forbidden Kingdom

Jackie Chan
Hop, the thrift store owner/Lu Yan, the Drunken Immortal
饰 鲁彦, 鲁彦在生活既随兴又嗜杯中物,颇像醉拳大师。鲁彦碰上杰森以后……

Jet Li
The Silent Monk/Sun Wukong, the Monkey King
饰 默僧, 默僧一边修行,一边四处寻找金箍棒的下落,他在世间的意义……

Collin Chou
The Jade Warlord
饰 玉疆战神, 天庭里的玉疆战神,以维护天庭秩序为己任,当初耍手段禁锢了美猴王……

Liu Yi Fei
Golden Sparrow, the Orphaned Warrior
饰 金燕子, 金燕子是个孤女,她人生的唯一目标就是杀死玉疆战神,为父母报仇……

Liu Yi Fei
Ni-Chang, the White-Haired Assassin
Li Bingbing
饰 白发魔女, 白发魔女原型来自于梁羽生的小说,因为受到感情的伤害变成了满头白发……

The film opens during a battle between Sun Wukong, the Monkey King (Jet Li), and heavenly soldiers amongst the clouds. It is then revealed the sequence was a dream when a young teenager, Jason Tripitakas (Michael Angarano), awakens in his room plastered with vintage kung fu movie posters. After getting dressed, he makes his way to a thrift store in Boston's China town to buy some new Kung fu DVD's. There, he converses with Hop (a prosthetics-laden Jackie Chan), the shop's eldery owner, and, while thumbing through some DVD's, he is drawn to room full of antiques and notices a golden staff. Hop tells him that the staff is to be delivered to its rightful owner and then closes the door. On his way back home, Jason is attacked by a group of bullies who force him to take them to the store so they can steal some money from the old man. Feeling betrayed Hop tries to attack the thieves with the staff, but is shot. He tells Jason that he must deliver the staff to its rightful owner. Jason takes the staff and runs from the thieves. On top of a building, he is surrounded by the bullies and suddenly he is pulled off the roof by the staff and travels back through time.

When Jason wakes up he has been transported back to ancient China. There he is attacked by Jade Warriors who try to take the staff away from him. He is helped by the Drunken Immortal, Lu Yan (Jackie Chan). Later that night, seated in a restaurant, Lu tells Jason a story of how the Monkey King caused havoc at the banquet celebrating the Jade Emperor's forthcoming 500 year period of meditation and drank of the elixir of immortality. The Emperor took a liking to Monkey and decided to award him a heavenly title, much to the chagrin of the Jade Warlord (Collin Chou), a heavenly general. The Emperor then left the Jade Warlord in charge of heaven before retreating to his period of seclusion. The Jade Warlord later challenged the Monkey King to an un-armed duel, but turned him into stone when Monkey set aside his magic staff, the source of his powers. But before he was fully immobilized, the Monkey King cast his staff away. Lu ends the tale by stating a person known as the "Seeker" will be the person to find the staff and free the Monkey King. Lu and Jason then get into a fight with the Jade Warriors who track them to the restaurant and are saved by a mysterious woman, who turns out to be the Orphaned Warrior, Golden Sparrow (Liu Yi Fei). Jason then asks Lu to teach him Kung Fu.

The Jade Warlord is notified by his men that they have seen the magical staff. The Jade Warlord then sends his bounty hunter, the white-haired assassin Ni-Chang (Li Bingbing), to retrieve it for him. When Jason wakes up in the morning he is attacked by a person dressed in white clothes, who takes the staff away. Jason, Lu, and Golden Sparrow follow the trail of the mysterious man. They reach upon a temple where the man is. There, Lu confronts the Silent Monk (Jet Li), who was the mysterious man. There they both fight for the staff. The Silent Monk later learns that the staff is meant for the traveler. The four head towards the Five Elements Mountain in the quest of freeing the Monkey King and destroying the rule of the Jade Warlord.

On the way to the Mountain, Lu and the Silent Monk teach Jason Kung Fu. They are attacked by Ni-Chang and the Jade Warriors, but before anyone got hurt the four escape on their horses with the staff intact. Ni-Chang fires an arrow into the air in the direction of the travelers. Lu is hit with the arrow and falls from his horse. In order to heal from the deep wound he needs the elixir from the Jade Warlord. Jason wanting to help Lu, heads toward the palace with the staff to exchange it for the elixir. Once at the palace he learns that the elixir was promised to Ni-Chang if she brought back the staff, but since Jason brought it, he has to fight Ni-Chang to death, the winner getting the elixir. The Silent Monk notices that Jason has left with the staff and pursues Jason along with Golden Sparrow. Back at the palace, Jason and Ni-Chang fight, with Ni-Chang having a better advantage over Jason. Ni-Chang wins the fight, but before she can kill Jason, the Jade Warlord orders her to stop. The Jade Warlord orders Jason to be killed by his men, but before they kill him, the Silent Monk and Golden Sparrow arrive. The fight begins between The Silent Monk and the Jade Warlord, Golden Sparrow and Ni-Chang. Lu then arrives at the palace, being carried by village people. Jason takes the elixir and throws it to Lu Yan who drinks it and gets his strength and energy back. Lu then fights Ni-Chang on the balcony. The Silent Monk is mortally wounded during his battle with the Jade Warlord and throws the staff to Jason. Jason takes the staff and frees the Monkey King from his statue form. The Silent Monk dies from injuries and reverts into a golden hair, revealing him to be a magical human familiar created by the Monkey King prior to his imprisonment. The fight between the Monkey king and the Jade Warlord commences. Golden Sparrow tries to kill The Jade Warlord, but is killed instead. After a long battle, Jason is able to kill the Jade Warlord and Lu Yan kills Ni-Chang. He is then thanked by the Jade Emperor for his bravery and fulfilling the people's prophecy. He is then transported back to his world.

When Jason wakes up, he is attacked by the bullies, but this time he uses his Kung Fu skills and beats up the leader. He then goes to see if Hop is alright, and learns that Hop is actually Lu Yan. Hop is taken to the hospital, before Jason leaves the scene, he sees a girl who looks like Golden Sparrow. She thanks him for being brave and tells him she will see him later. She then goes into her store (Golden Sparrow). Jason, surprised but delighted to see her, leaves and goes home, where he practices his Kung Fu.





Thursday, April 24, 2008

Learn Chinese Podcast | Happy China - 2

Designed for Intermediate Level (what's it?) learners

After watching video, please answer the following questions to know whether you understand.看完视频后,请回答以下问题,来了解你是否已经理解本单元的内容。

1, Which sentence made by '不是,而是' is correct?
a) 我们不是会说英语,而是会说汉语
b) 我们不是开车去的,而是坐火车去的
c) 这几天天气很差,不是下雨,而是刮风

2, Which pronunciation of 鸭绿江 is correct?
a) ya1 lu4 jiang1
b) ya1 lǜ jiang1

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Learn Chinese Podcast | Start to Learn Chinese

Designed for Zero - Survival Level (what's it?) learners

After watching video, please answer the following questions to know whether you understand.

1, How to say 'Hello' in Chinese?
a) ni3 hao3
b) ni3 hao3 ma
c) yang1 yang

2, What is Chinese meaning of 'ugly'?
a) chou4
b) chou3
c) chou2
d) chou1

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Learn Chinese Podcast | Happy China - 1

Designed for Intermediate Level (what's it?) learners

After watching video, please answer the following questions to know whether you understand.看完视频后,请回答以下问题,来了解你是否已经理解本单元的内容。

1, 我们这个学习汉语节目要开始一个新单元的名字叫什么?
a) 快乐中国
b) 快乐海疆行
c) 汉语国际推广

a) coastal areas and territorial seas
b) seacoast
c) a sandy beach

a) 1万公里
b) 1万2千公里
c) 1万8千公里


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Monday, April 14, 2008

Introduction of Volunteer - Volunteer No. 3878

Name: Leo Wei
Location: 丰泽/Fengze
Occupation: 大学生/College student

Hi.This is Leo Wei.My Chinese is excellent.I'd like to teach foreigners chinese.If you are intersted in it,please contact me.

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Introduction of Teacher 54 - Zhu Shuyi

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I graduated from Beijing Language University(BLCU),major in teaching Chinese as the second language, Master degree.
As a Chinese teacher in The College of Intensive Chinese Training and Chinese College in BLCU, I have taught spoken Chinese and listening Chinese and so on.
I joined in the HBA (Harvard Beijing Academy) project in 2006, in this project, I learned a lot of things from other Chinese teachers from Harvard university. After two months teaching, I became more familiar with the learning process of the foreign students.
I am good at teaching BUSINESS CHINESE and SPOKEN CHINESE, and teach beginners. I had experiences in teaching CHINESE CHARACTER.
I am very patient in teaching. I am able to speak fluent Cantonese and Hakka.

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