Thursday, April 24, 2008

Learn Chinese Podcast | Start to Learn Chinese

Designed for Zero - Survival Level (what's it?) learners

After watching video, please answer the following questions to know whether you understand.

1, How to say 'Hello' in Chinese?
a) ni3 hao3
b) ni3 hao3 ma
c) yang1 yang

2, What is Chinese meaning of 'ugly'?
a) chou4
b) chou3
c) chou2
d) chou1

Post your comments and answers now


Tom Scott said...

Love it, love it, love it! this lesson, great!!!! I have been in China for over 2 years. Not only has it provided me with structure, vocabulary and grammar presented in relaxed, informative and imaginary way but it has also given me the confidence to go out there and use it everyday! I am an addict and I recommend to every "foreigner" I meet here. Well done to all involved, keep up the good work.

Nancy said...

Dear friends,
This is Newbie lesson and newbie discussion, so please be so kind and use pinyin, otherwise we (newbies) are not able to read and understand you. So your posts have no sense.

William said...

hi again, please can someone know about a website to download a chinese reader like MStalkit who read engish or spanish please someone helpe me. 谢谢

Joseph said...

That is just what I expected! Of course, I love "るろうに剣心", and I've read all the series of the original manga (漫画). My daughter also loves 剣心 both in manga and in anime (动画).