Thursday, April 24, 2008

Learn Chinese Podcast | Happy China - 1

Designed for Intermediate Level (what's it?) learners

After watching video, please answer the following questions to know whether you understand.看完视频后,请回答以下问题,来了解你是否已经理解本单元的内容。

1, 我们这个学习汉语节目要开始一个新单元的名字叫什么?
a) 快乐中国
b) 快乐海疆行
c) 汉语国际推广

a) coastal areas and territorial seas
b) seacoast
c) a sandy beach

a) 1万公里
b) 1万2千公里
c) 1万8千公里


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Lisa Yvonne said...

王的汉语发音太棒了! 希望认识你。我也学汉语2年了,说的还是不够好。

Nancy said...

FYI -- there is an addon for firefox ChinesePera-kun, by Dave of CPOD. If you hover over the hanzi, it will give you definition (broad range) and the pinyin. This will help a little with learning characters too.

Thanks to Dave for this great tools, and to executer who put it in a post I happened to read.

William said...

Interesting lesson! I had never seen 您 before (that character is so easy to remember: just add a "heart" radical 心 to regular 你).

Joseph said...

"bu" is pronounced on the second tone when it is followed by a syllable in the 4th tone, e.g. bu2 xie4 (Not at all); however, "bu" is pronounced on the 4th tone when it is followed by a syllable in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd tone, e.g. bu4xin1 (not new), bu4lai2 (not come), or bu4hao3 (not good)

Melody said...

I felt very depressed when I learned incredibly complicated Chinese family titles for the first time, but instead I felt very pleased when I learned that days of the week in Chinese were so easy to remember. Otherwise, I would already have given up learning Chinese!