Thursday, April 24, 2008

Learn Chinese Podcast | Happy China - 2

Designed for Intermediate Level (what's it?) learners

After watching video, please answer the following questions to know whether you understand.看完视频后,请回答以下问题,来了解你是否已经理解本单元的内容。

1, Which sentence made by '不是,而是' is correct?
a) 我们不是会说英语,而是会说汉语
b) 我们不是开车去的,而是坐火车去的
c) 这几天天气很差,不是下雨,而是刮风

2, Which pronunciation of 鸭绿江 is correct?
a) ya1 lu4 jiang1
b) ya1 lǜ jiang1

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Tom Scott said...

Too difficult for me. Do not know how to answer

Yvonne said...

Yeah, I think this series will be a fun one for the foodies out there. We are going to spotlight a few popular dishes from each province of china, and we will list another 4-5 in the supplementary section as well.

Melody said...

I want to say this in the spirit of discussion. To say that any restaurant is the best Chinese restaurant in the world is a stretch. I'm surprised that the New Yorker, prestigious magazine it is what makes us of sweeping generalization. As you may or may not know a few years ago when desktop publishing was invoke the New Yorker was one of the first to modernize its print facilities going totally digital using Macintosh computers. The unintended consequence of that move was the abrogation of the rights of working people in the print industry. Now as you know, or I suspect you know the New Yorker was a strong advocate of labor rights. But when he came down to the bottom line i.e. money; you forgot its ideals and move forward into the future. The world is indeed a strange and wonderful place since I was able to avoid or perhaps should I say have been deprived of the eating of jellyfish for almost 60 years until I came to Taiwan where that food is commonly served. Anyway food is really a code word in China for sex. If a young pretty Chinese girl offers you something to chew on and calls it a nutritional supplement don't turn her down.

Nancy said...


thank you guys for ur effort
but i really want to have your attention
that there are some lessons can not be downloaded
so plz try to solve this problem on newbie pages right from page number 10 .....

William said...

I have been instructed to use the formal "Nein" to show respect to serious business or powerful personal friends or seniors.

Joseph said...

I don't mean to be off the subject here, but can we maybe look into a newbie or elementary lesson on things to say during a game of Chinese chess? Ken...? Jenny...?