Sunday, July 29, 2007

Top 10 Chinese Holiday Calendar for the Year of the Pig (2007)(3)

7. Chinese Valentine’s Day - August 19, 2007
They may not celebrate with chocolate and flowers, but the Chinese have a day devoted to love. Learn more about the legend of star-crossed lovers Niu Lang and Zhi Nu, and try several romantic menus to celebrate the holiday. (Date: seventh day of the seventh Chinese lunar month).

8. Hungry Ghost Festival - August 26, 2007
Even ghosts deserve time off. According to Chinese legend, every year ghosts are allowed to leave hell and return to earth for one month. Learn more in this feature by Greg Cruey, About's Guide to Asia for Visitors. (Date: fifteen day of the seventh Chinese lunar month).

9. Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival - September 25, 2007
When the autumn harvest moon is at its fullest, the Chinese celebrate by lighting colorful lanterns and enjoying delicious mooncakes. Learn more about the legends behind the festival and try some mooncake recipes. (Date: fifteenth day of the eighth Chinese lunar month).

10. Double Ninth Day (Chung Yeung), Elder's Day - October 19, 2007
The Chinese believe nine is a lucky number, which makes Double Ninth Day particularly auspicious. In addition, because the words “nine” and “long” are homophones (words that sound alike but have different meanings), the government has designated this as a day for youth to honor their ancestors and the elderly. Traditions associated with Double Ninth Day include visiting gravesites, hill or mountain climbing, and drinking chrysanthemum wine. (Date: ninth day of the ninth Chinese lunar month).

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