Friday, August 3, 2007

Learn Chinese - An easy way to test your Chinese level - Listening Level - Advanced

Spend 5 minutes to know your current Listening Level of Chinese language - Advanced Level

Watch the following video, if you can understand clearly, it can show your listening level of Chinese language already passed Advanced level 3. (Learn more about what is Advanced level)

Notes: According to official statistic, a student should spend 4-6 months to pass Advanced level 3 from Intermediate level 3. If you do not pass within above period, it shows your progress maybe is slower than average. We suggest you need to contact our study adviser for more detailed suggestion to help you to adjust study plan. (Click here to contact study adviser)

Notes: Above test is only simple one. If you need to get a more accurate result, please join a formal level assessment or login student zone to join level assessment.

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