Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Comparison between Private Class and Group Class

Strong Points of Group Class:
1, Join at any time, do not need to reserve
2, Lower Cost

Week Points of Group Class:
1, Cannot Choose favorite teacher before class. Do not know evaluation history and experience of teacher. Cannot join trial class from a targeted teacher.
2, Only offer conversation practice around limited topics. Cannot offer complete education system including textbook, preview, review, vocabulary, exercise... in the class
3, Teacher cannot track student' s progress. Does not know which part a student already learnt or not because teacher is always changing in every class.

Strong Points of Private Class:
1, Can Choose your favorite teacher before class through joining trial class from the teacher, view evaluation from previous students, watch saying hello video and class demo. All of teachers are excellent and have their own features, but every student has different favour. You can choose based on your favour.
2, Teacher will go with you from beginning to the end of learning process. He/She knows every detail of your learning including weak points and strong points. Teacher can design personalized solution for you. You will not waste time.
3, Textbook and class process is complete. Not just conversation.

Weak Points of Private Class:
1, You need to reserve before class
2, Cost is a little higher than group class, but class efficiency is much higher.

If students have no enough budget to join private class, we suggest you can choose basic package. Cost is lower than group class. Our volunteers are also good teachers, compared with formal teachers, they only are lack of enough experience. You also can view evaluation history of every volunteer from previous students.

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Tom Scott said...

actually, if it werent for the fantastic analysis by jenny and ken, some of these lessons would be weird and pointless. I just was listening to this dialogue thinking, " what the?????", but thanks to chinesepod for putting everything into perspective. My wife and I are expecting a Baobao in a few weeks and I was hoping to find some cute rhymes and what not to say to the baby. Any suggestions?
Also Dr. Seuss is weird, but I appreciate the lessons he taught, although he himself never really liked children. Also I would never ever try green eggs and ham even if you paid me. eggs and ham are bad enough by themselves